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Month: January 2002

RE: [Pvx] Client/Server and accept/obtain

From: Dave Fullerton <dfllrtn@...>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 15:09:26 -0400

Why not use *progbar and set the error branch in the *progbar;update (or 
*progbar;update_percent) to your end_of_report logic.  I typically update 
*progbar in 5% increments based on the file that I'm processing, but you 
could use a counter and update every 20 records or so.  The user can abort 
the print job if they press the Cancel button and your program logic traps 
the error.



Dave Fullerton

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From:	Jim Clark
Sent:	Thursday, January 31, 2002 1:51 PM
To:	providex@...
Subject:	[Pvx] Client/Server and accept/obtain

I have an issue with some intensive routines being run on client
server.   A client of ours can't afford to sit and wait for the routine to
sit and cycle through 20k active records if they make a mistake and give
improper search criteria.  So...An obtain (siz=1,tim=0,nul=*next) or
somthing of the sort (tried variations of accept too) was used.  Stops on
any key.  Works fine on a local install, but client server never gets the
keystrokes, and we dont have a client/server set up here to test.  It's
rather frustrating and my ideas are running short.  Any ideas would be
GREATLY appreciated.

Thank You,

Leonard Clark

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