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Month: January 2002

RE: [Pvx] Local or Client-Server ODBC?

From: "Neal McKinney" <neal@...>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 09:06:43 -0500

In my experience at Young Systems, you do not want to use the local ODBC
system with either AFP or Samba.  The performance is just too slow -
especially with larger files sizes.

The Client/Server ODBC is currently being tested for our largest customer's
largest datafile (over 29 Million records, about 3.5 GB total size -
segmented), and the results are not perfect yet, but I am working with
Serguei to resolve the timing issues.  For our smaller files (up to about
500,000 records), the Client Server ODBC system is really fast.

If you really want the local ODBC system, copy the files to the local PC,
then use the local ODBC driver there.

One word on performance - make sure that you are optimizing the searches -
use files that have appropriate indexes.  The ODBC driver (both local and
CS) make great use of any available indexes.  It makes a BIG difference in

Neal McKinney
Young Systems
Atlanta, GA

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From: Jean Hendrickx [mailto:softnet@...]
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Subject: [Pvx] Local or Client-Server ODBC?

	Hi, I've a new customer with a medium size (64 users) installation with SCO
Open Server and Windows workstations (with WindX), they need to access some
ProvideX's hosted at server's side with their odbc based applications
(Excel, Crystal reports, etc.). I can foresee two scenaries:

a) Local odbc with an Unix filesystem shared using Advanced File & Print
Server (or Samba) -or-
b) Client-Server odbc

	My biggest doubt is regarding the easy to use of each solution and about
performance, this is a chemical company and they need to have the last five
years figures on line, so the data files are _BIG_ (almost every file
historic is >1GB). These are the only two ways I can figure to handle this
scenario, ... any feedback will be appreciated.

	Jean H//

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