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Month: January 2002

RE: [Pvx] Colour Control

From: Chris Nolan <chris.nolan@...>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 15:39:17 -0500
It'd be in the 0000 record of the panel and then need to be re-drawn.  Then
the issue is it's not user based so it gets messy.  Then you'd have to go in
and do the temporary copy of the panel into memory like nomads does when
editing, and be sure to change... Perhaps building a global variable into
the settings at the nomads level so it'll read.  It'd require customization
of *winproc though I believe when I last looked at doing this a few years

Chris Nolan

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> Subject: Re: [Pvx] Colour Control
> Now for part 2 of my task...
> They want me to be able to change the panel colour 
> programmatically.  So, I 
> read the data stored from calling *win/colour, but I can't 
> seem to find the 
> Dynamic Control of the panel itself to be able to set either 
> backcolour$ or 
> forecolour$, whatever applies to the panel face colour itself.
> ie :
> 10000 mypanel'backcolour$="Light Red"
> 10010 refresh_flg=1  ! if necessary