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Month: January 2002

*OOP straw poll

From: Jeff Johnson <jeffj@...>
Date: 17 Jan 2002 14:41:53 -0600
This is really an opinion question:

I use an object class definition to maintain a customer record.

Currently, on_create logic opens the customer master file and it stays
open until on_delete.

If customer records are opened for varying times, sometimes 5 seconds,
sometimes 5 hours, would it make more sense to open the file, read the
customer master info, close the file and wait until I need to write back
to open the file again?

Like I said, purely an opinion question, respond to list of private
email if you think this is too much bandwidth.

Or don't respond at all, it's a free country after all! <g>

Thanks to all those who do share an opinion though,