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Month: January 2002

Re: [Pvx] Secure Communications accross the net

From: Jeff Johnson <jeffj@...>
Date: 04 Jan 2002 05:12:14 -0600

Thanks for your answer.  I see that I can probably take a third-party
tool approach.

However, this question is for a server-side issue.  I am running a comm
program that is serving communications channel on a socket through TCP.

Wouldn't that situation be able to use the SSL stuff you are using for
web server?


On Thu, 2002-01-03 at 19:06, Gord Davey wrote:

    Currently we only support SSL within our Windows products. Such as ProvideX
    for Windows, and WindX. We are working on SSL for UNIX/Linux products,
    however it is not ready as yet.
    It is possible to use the WindX Plug-in to talk via telnet to SSH, which
    would give you SSL encrypted telnet sessions. By using SSH on a UNIX/Linux
    server you would get encrypted telnet sessions. The 5.01 WindX plug-in
    allows you to select SSL communications on its end. Using SSH on the
    Unix/Linux server deals with the server end of the comms.
    There are other such SSL encryption products for Unix, that provide TCP
    "wrappers" that can do SSL communications with a remote, but pass the
    information from the server to the daemons running in its own memory as
    un-encrypted, which accomplishes the same thing. Using a product that allows
    for this, would get you the encrypted communications between the remote and
    the server, while the ProvideX on the server does not need to anything about
    the SSL.
    Gord Davey <gord.davey@...>
    Manager, CSS. Best Software Canada Ltd. (ProvideX)
    Tel: 905-470-1025 x226
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    > Hi,
    > I need to transfer some data accross the 'net and an obvious requirement
    > is that we be able to secure the communications.
    > I have a program that monitors a socket on my service and waits for
    > connections.  I have not problem sending and receiving plain text, but
    > that's not good enough for financial data.
    > Does anyone know how to implement some industry standard encryption
    > scheme, like SSL?
    > Thanks for any help,
    > Jeff
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