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Month: January 2002

Strange Error 11

From: Jeff Johnson <jeffj@...>
Date: 04 Jan 2002 05:07:32 -0600

(Linux box running Pvx 5.00 with 4.xx activation)

I had a very strange problem I had to deal with late yesterday.  One of
my users was getting an error 11 on a file read.

The problem with that was that there was a ,DOM= branch on the read
statment that should have taken him to the next record.

The loop was a simple:

k$=key(ch,end=done_section);if pos(test$=k$)<>1 then goto done_section
goto next_record

I tried running the same operation on a different terminal, did not
receive error.
Had him sign off of system, sign back in and he gets same error on same

Keyed load file

ran *ufar

Modified program by inserting a read(ch,key=k$,err=next_record) ahead of
the dom= read.  Had user sign off system, sign back in and rerun...and
he got the same error on the line with the dom=, WHICH I HAD REM'D OUT!

Two questions beg for an answer:

1) How can you ever get error 11 on read statement with DOM= branch?

2) How is it possible that he did not get modified version of program
after releasing session and signing back on?  

Scratching my head,