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Month: January 2002

RE: [Pvx] Need to wipeout PVX

From: "Michael Scully" <agentscully@...>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 22:02:42 -0800
Gord & all:

	A big amen to the recommendation of clean O/S installation over upgrades.
Even with *nix installs, I always start clean, saving my other data
partitions when possible.  With Windows installs, it's suicidal to upgrade.
Come on, I usually do a fresh install from scratch at minimum of 18 months
of use on a Win machine, since they just get slower and more unstable as
time goes on.  It's especially bad if you're a power user and
installing/removing applications on a regular basis.  Doing an upgrade on a
Win O/S is just likely to add to the problems.  Format and go fresh every


P.S.  I've got a Dell Latitude 810, very similar to your Inspiron 8100, and
yes these babies are nice.  Try watching a DVD with the 1600 x 1200 display
on your next flight.