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Month: November 2010

RE: [Pvx] VI Perform Question / Process Multiple Files

From: "Joseph F. Bartoli" <jbartoli@...>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 15:02:44 -0800
I assume you are talking in MAS?  

What I have done is wrote a small PVX program that loops through a directory and calls the VI job for each file.  while mine requires a user to start the process, I'm sure you could set a scheduled task to start that program.

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Subject: [Pvx] VI Perform Question / Process Multiple Files

Is it possible to define a VI "perform" to have a job re-run itself on
a different source file?  I have a client with a folder with 1 to many
csv files, each of which needs to be run thru a VI job on a daily,
unattended basis.  I was thinking I could use the on-execute perform
to queue up the first file, then have on-completion move onto the next
file and re-run the job.

Does that make sense?

Or does anyone have any other ideas or is there something else already
built into VI that will process a job for multiple files in a folder?

Scott McDonell
telephone.... 580-STZWARE

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