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Month: November 2010

Help! NEW() object ....

From: "Terry Bauer" <terry.bauer@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 11:22:37 -0600
At a command prompt, I am executing:


RO = NEW("RO_ContractHistoryInquiry_ui",%SYS_SS)


I am immediately getting:

Error #90:  Unable to locate Object class definition.


I have checked:


1.    Checked spelling of class name; cross-checked with CLASS DEF
spelling - they are identical

2.    Checked to make sure that there is a ".pvc" extension on the
program file.

3.    Checked to make sure that there are no lines above the CLASS DEF
line which are not remarks.

4.    Checked to make sure that I can load the program within the
current prefix.

5.    Checked to make sure that all of the "LIKE" programs are present
on the system and can be loaded.


What else can I check for?  I tried putting some breaks in the ON_CREATE
routines of the main program and several of the "LIKE" programs, but I
don't get that far.


Thanks for the help ...

Terry Bauer
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