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Month: November 2010

Re: [Pvx] pxplus nomads

From: "Michael King" <mike.king@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 12:15:20 -0500

The properties window in PxPlus is fully detached from the design window so it can be moved freely around your desktop.

We can look into adding a minimize option for the next version.


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  We've just moved to pxplus 9.1. One thing I've noticed early on in Nomads is that there is no way to minimize the properties window and in addition it is always on top of the panel being worked on. Is there a way to restore the prev behavior? i.e. allowing minimize and/or 'not always on top'. I can resize the properties window  to be very small (and subsequently re-enlarge it) but this methodology does not seem to be a step forward.

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