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Month: November 2010

RE: [Pvx] Winprt_setup error

From: "Gord Davey" <Gord.Davey@...>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 09:59:08 -0400

Is that printer, or any other printer configured on that Windows Server
2008, a network printer?

Services as limited by default to only access LOCAL resources, and they
cannot access network (remote) resources.

To fix that you must:

	A) Create a new user id to use with your service
	B) Set a password for the new user id, and set user cannot change,
and password never expires.
	C) Through the Admin Tools, you must tweak the Local Rights
Assignment and, Add the new user id to the "Act a part of the Operating
System" and to the "Logon as a Service" user rights assignment
	D) Ensure all directories for your app allow read/write access to
the new user id, including the ProvideX directory
	E) Modify your ServAny to use the new user id and password
	F) Reboot the server
	G) It should be ready to work.

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Subject: [Pvx] Winprt_setup error

When I run the following code on a WinServer2008:

        WINPRT_SETUP WRITE "Blue Bear Document Exporter"

In pvx when I run as an executable is succeeds.

When I run the same code using servany as a service logging in under SYSTEM
it fails with the following error:

Error #12: File does not exist (or already exists)
PrintDlg Error - Dev Names Structure is Null

This seems to happen only in WinServer2008. What would cause this to fail in
this specific situation.

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Active Network
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