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Month: November 2010


From: Sam G <samg@...>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 14:25:54 -0500 (EST)

have been successfully using "*windx.utl;spawn" to do what it does .

but ...

doesn't really behave well when you are telneting in from some remote
site as firewall/routers require a specific range of IP ports.

so, decided to begin 'hacking' the '*windx.utl' program and looking at the
;SPAWN: rtne.

5030 SPAWN
05090 LET X=HFN; OPEN (X)"[tcp];0"; LET X$=KEF(X); CLOSE (X)
05100 LET X$=X$(POS(";"=X$)),TCP_ADDR$=X$(1,POS(";"=X$,-1)-1)

Basically what it does is 2 things

05150 CALL 
! Spawn remote Windx

to start it on the windex  (note TCP_ADDR$)

and on the local machine (unix) it invokes a ghost (with a possible nohup)
so that it communicates on same TCP_ADD$(2).


i need to limit those 'ports' to a specific "range" - ex: 10500-11000.

basically a replacment to line 5090.

any ideas?