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Month: November 2010

Crystal Reports via ODBC

From: "Scott Clark" <sclark@...>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 11:42:26 -0500
Hi everyone,


I'm currently demoing Crystal Reports to see how well it works with my
company's data.  When creating a report on a Windows workstation, it
pulls data just fine using the PVX ODBC driver.  However, when
attempting to run the same report from the Crystal Reports Server
(installed on a Red Hat box), the report fails.  My (limited)
understanding of Crystal Reports leads me to believe that this is
because the Red Hat server does not have the PVX ODBC driver.


But...there doesn't appear to be a PVX ODBC driver for any platform
other than Windows.  Has anyone run into this before?  Is there a


Thanks in advance,


Scott Clark